Traditional building management systems (BMS) typically have stand-alone applications with separate monitoring and control stations for HVAC, lighting, energy metering, etc.
Real benefit lies in managing them as a whole. In order to increase building energy efficiency and internal comfort, Intelligent Automation Unit (IAU) was developed.
Inteligent automation unit is guidance and control system for optimal energy managment of building. IAU relies on Environmental sensor network, weather prediction services, installed existing Building Managment System and actuators (HVAC, lights, etc.) on site in order to collect building data and optimize energy consumption and guide building processes.

The IAU Supports:
• HVAC centralized control
• Energy usage optimization
• HVAC diagnostics and inefficiency reports

The model-based predictive control helps to explore building as thermal storage and for the optimization of energy consumption in commercial buildings. The IAU not only takes the place of the standard BMS functions, but also can optimize the operation of the HVAC system taking into account the weather conditions and harness the building thermal mass. The IAU uses a simplified building model and weather predictions to optimally control the system.

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